My How Times Have Changed: Even Our Moving and Storage Needs


I have hit the age when I am beginning to notice, almost on a daily basis, how much the times have changed.

We’ve gone from:

Boom box to iPod
Pen and paper to Laptop
Offsite storage unit to Mobile storage container

What do all of these changes have in common? CONVENIENCE!

We have become a society which requires almost everything in our lives to be fast, easy and convenient. From our food, cell phones and computers, to our moving and temporary storage needs, the expectations are the same; we want convenience.

Just as we no longer want to use conventional phone landlines in our homes or dial-up internet connection for our computers; we don’t want to rent a truck, load it, drive it to an offsite storage facility and then unload it. Why should we have to do all of this unnecessary loading and unloading? Well, simply we don’t. 

Along with the Ipod, laptop, high speed internet and 4G cell phones, there is also the convenience of the services provided by LokBox--we bring the storage unit directly to you. No more inconvenient trips back and forth to the offsite storage facility; a LokBox is delivered to your home or job site, allowing you 24/7 access on your schedule.

So, with all of the new conveniences introduced over the past 25 years, I’m still waiting on one…where’s the flying car I was promised?