Amazing: A Simple Seedpod Brings Back Fond Childhood Memories


It’s amazing how watching something as simple as a seedpod, “helicopter”, floating down from a tree can bring rushing back fond childhood memories. I can see my great-grandmother in our very tiny side yard (we lived in town) hanging laundry as I tried catching the seedpods as they fell from the trees. She is in her dress and apron, shaking the wet laundry, holding the wooden clothes pins--one in her mouth and one in her hand, quickly hanging each piece, running her hand down it, then moving onto the next. I can still smell the freshness of the laundry detergent like we are right there in the moment.

Even though the seedpods can make things a bit messy; thanks to this memory, I find myself smiling every time I sweep them from my balcony. I never thought a tiny seedpod would bring me such joy!