Finally: Time for Spring Clean Up


Flower podsI do believe spring is finally here to stay; and, along with the nice weather the clean-up begins. If you’re like me, you walk through the interior of your home, then walk around the exterior, stop and mumble – “Really? Where do I begin?”.

Since I love the outdoors so much, my plan of attack is to always complete the dreaded indoor projects first; this allows me all the more time to spend enjoying my flower beds. Or, in my current situation, due to changes in my life this past year and relocating to an apartment, I will be enjoying the flower beds of others – my parents, my best friend, anyone that will have me! They all find it hard to believe someone could actually enjoy weeding and tell me to “have at it”.

Just this past weekend, I surprised a friend by clearing out the overgrown ivy, adding a fresh flower bed and some potted plants at the main entrance of the business. It’s amazing the difference a few changes can make.

Contrary to many, change is good, but that’s a topic for another time.

Happy Spring!