Change: It CAN Be a Good Thing


When we are faced with change in our life, it can cause a gamut of emotions – from scared to happy, depressed to excited, or in some cases, all of the aforementioned.

For most of us, we have become extremely comfortable in our lives, such creatures of habit that we would rather stay the course then stir things up a bit. However, change may actually be a road to new discovery.

Of course, each circumstance is going to be different, but why not try to find good in the change. While there will most likely be bumps and set-backs along the way, I’m here to tell you first-hand there can also be amazing outcomes. Change can help us realize things about ourselves we may have never otherwise discovered. For example, how strong we truly are; how much we are loved by others; and, how our experience can give us the knowledge needed to help others facing a similar situation.

So, next time you are faced with change, remember, there is always the choice to find the good in it.